Burst Pipes Don’t Have to Bust Your Budget

During the winter, a common homeowner concern is water pipes freezing and bursting, leaving a huge mess in their home.

While your Daytona Beach homeowners insurance won’t help you with the mess, it could help you pay for it.

A common misconception when it comes to flooding problems is that you have to have coverage through the National Flood Insurance Program to pay for damages. Actually that’s only if the flooding is part of a natural occurrence — heavy rain or snow melt — or unnatural one – a dam cracking open.

If the flooding problem comes from a burst pipe, either in the walls of your home or in the ground outside your home, your Daytona Beach homeowners insurance should cover the cost of any damages or repairs.

Of course, with frozen pipes you have to show you took the usual precautions, such as wrapping outside faucets and keeping your home heated. Also, if the pipes are old and corroded, your insurer may not cover the cost of replacing the pipe. That falls under home maintenance. It should cover any damages, though.

So far, the area your Daytona Beach homeowners insurance serves hasn’t seen extremely frigid temperatures for winter 2011-12, but it’s not over yet. It’s a good idea to check with your agent to make sure your homeowners insurance covers burst water pipes.

The O’Quinn Agency, which serves the East Central Florida area, also can help you with insurance for your auto, boat, motorcycle and life.

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