Safe Vehicles Easier to Find

Finding a safe vehicle has become easier than ever as manufacturers have pushed to make their products better and safer, your Palm Coast auto insurance agency notes.

There were 115 vehicles rated as Top Safety Picks for 2012 by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, a new record. You can find a top safety rated vehicle in every category now from small cars to large SUVs.

The selection is for vehicles that best protect passengers in front, side and rear crashes, and rollovers, based on evaluations by the institute.

Now that all vehicles must have electronic stability control, in accordance with federal law, they all can qualify as top safety picks. Still, institute officials commended manufacturers for continuing to improve the safety of their product.

Toyota had the most winners for its Toyota, Lexus and Scion models followed by Chevrolet with 14. Honda showed the most improvement with 10 new additions to the list.

Besides stability control, much of the improvement by the manufacturers was in better roof design, resulting in higher scores for rollovers.

For all of the models picked as Top Safety Picks, go to the institute’s website.

The safety rating of a vehicle is important in determining how much you pay for insurance premiums. To learn more about how a vehicle’s safety rating affects the cost of your insurance, talk to your Palm Coast auto insurance agency today!

At the O’Quinn Agency we also can help you with insurance for your boat, home, motorcycle and life.

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